Impacts of sexual harassment
Date Added: December 14, 2011 11:42:40 AM
Category: Employment Law: Sexual Harassment

Any undesirable and uninvited behavior that scares you, makes you uncomfortable, humiliated, insecure and endangered can be termed as harassment. When this act includes unwelcomed advancement and demands for sexual favors in terms of verbal or physical manners of sexual nature can be termed as sexual harassment. Such situations create an antagonistic and unpleasant environment for the workplace or the setup where sexual harassment is taking place.

According to the Commission of the European Union sexual harassment corrupts the whole environment and it could impart overwhelming effects upon the self-esteem, confidence, work output, health and performance of the people affected by harassment. It gives birth to anxiety, frustration and stress. This leads to people to take off or early leave or resignation. This also leads to efficiency at workplace causing loss to employees.

Sometimes women victim of harassment are fearful of losing their job, or missing promotion if she declines to fulfill any sexual demands of the higher authority. Similarly she suffers emotional and certain physical consequences and is not able to continue her job.
Apart from personal effects of sexual harassment, the financial effects are also very severe particularly in such cases when the employers do not have a proper policy of complains. The victim too suffers financial loss if he or she has to take sick leave or any other leaves from work. According to the U.S government around 4$ million wages were lost by people due to sexual harassment in 3 years.
In the same way sexual harassment imparts adverse effects on working women as well. It passes on collective demoralizing effects which stops them from working further, and look somewhere else for a new job. Moreover among men it strengthens typical type of women as sex objects. This whole scenario creates a antagonistic and fearful environment at the workplace.
Sexual harassment also affects the morale of the employees. Their work gets disturbed; they are distracted and lose concentration. This on the whole affects the productivity of the organization and impacts the company.
Prevention of sexual harassment is the key responsibility of the employer. In some countries like U.S, Canada and some European states employer is accountable is any incident of sexual harassment takes place. Therefore it is the sole responsibility of the company, if it wants to have maximum production and output, then it should provide such an environment which gives the employees a comfortable and peaceful environment and a system. Special complain mechanisms should be introduced and a legal complain procedure should be present so that victims can register their complains and get an adequate remedy if they have suffered any indecent behavior at their workplace.  

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